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Unity makes strength


In our trajectory we have encountered challenges that have driven our evolution and development, thus offering us opportunities to grow and surpass ourselves. With this stimulus we have created a business group that has become a powerful tool at the service of marketing, advertising and communication.

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We were born with the idea of making possible what others didn't even think about, applying creativity, technique, technology and imagination and turning spaces, more or less formal, into welcoming and attractive places capable of presenting, promoting, exhibiting or selling.

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We demonstrate that any space can convey a message, communicate an idea or present a product, in small and large format and on a wide variety of materials (canvas, vinyl, cardboard, wood, veneer, methacrylate).

In CARTEL we offer design and production of supports for window dressing, customization of points of sale, outdoor advertising and static, interiors design, etc.

Logotipo Solventia


We explore new territories to discover attractive and effective possibilities which help to humanize brands or products and make them protagonists in their global scenario, as well as relevant and significant to their target audience.

In SOLVENTIA we are specialists in the creation of corporate image through advertising and graphic design, online and offline, branding or merchandising.

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We believe in R&D to move forward; for this reason, MFM designs and produces aluminium and steel structures, with its own patent, to establish, delimit or delimit functional spaces which are capable of hosting a wide range of actions, such as exhibitions, audiovisual, commercial events, etc.

We also have the widest range of accessories (furniture, gardening, glassware, decoration, etc.), as well as the infrastructure to make a custom production.

Logotipo Wrod Reference


The application of audiovisual solutions, as well as the capture of the moment and the correct lighting of a space set a dynamic promotional "showcase" that will show the qualities of the brand, its most human profile, expanding its radius of influence by online and conventional means.

WORD REFERENCE has the work team and the latest generation technological resources (lighting, computing and audiovisual) to design ideas that surprise, convince and impact the target audience.


To have an idea is not enough if you do not use and have the right tools, you establish profitable work systems, or you have the professionals who make it possible to achieve and consolidate the expected success.

At KEY STANDS we offer an integral "turnkey" service that is based on unparalleled resources and a proven methodology to make any commercial, marketing or promotional event or action a reality, taking care of every detail.


In order to manage the transmission of messages or information it is necessary to know the difference between hearing and listening, understanding and comprehension; For this reason, ESCUCHA provides a differential value derived from its experience and fields in which it has worked.

We offer a professional and technologically advanced service, indispensable for the organisation of professional congresses, government summits or shareholders' meetings, by combining audiovisual, computer or simultaneous translation resources, capable of establishing spaces where people can listen, hear and understand.


Since the beginning of our career we have been committed to caring for the environment, implementing initiatives that encourage the recycling of elements and materials of special uniqueness, the implementation of systems for optimizing energy consumption and the generation of energy capable of acclimatizing our production centres.

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Global scope

MARVA GROUP is the company in the sector with the greatest implantation in the national scope and a solid international presence.

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  • Madrid

Other headquarters

  • Cataluña
  • Galicia
  • Euskadi
  • Andalucía
  • Castilla-León
  • Portugal

Production and warehouse

  • Algete (Madrid)
  • Fuente El Saz (Madrid)
  • Sanchidrián (Ávila)
  • L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)
  • Vigo
  • Bilbao
  • Málaga


  • Islas Canarias (El Paraguas)
  • Cantabria (C&C Communication)
  • Ciudad Real (Carpinsol)
  • Valencia e Islas Baleares (La Carpintería de Stand)


  • República Checa (Fun Express)
  • Rusia (Onoprienko Olga Sergeevna)
  • EEUU (Conex Exhibition Services LLC)
  • Emiratos Árabes (UAE Branch)
  • Brasil (ZUM BRAZIL)
  • Argentina (Ene Propaganda)
  • Mexico City (Display Art)
  • Los Angeles (JLIVE)
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