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Avant-garde communication


The evolution of the scenario in which we have been working has adjusted our offer to the demands of those who have trusted us.

This has been done in the work environments in which we operate, with the profiles and training of the professionals who make up the different companies in the Group and in the resources with which we face the different challenges.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

We self-manage our work, taking control of every detail through multifunctional creative processes and innovative management.

of action

We turn ideas into reality through our own means and assuming the objectives of our clients, seeking not only to fulfil but also to make the effort made profitable.

We establish a two-way communication channel which, together with the wide variety of resources and the versatility of our work teams, allows us to offer a wide range of possibilities in different areas of action.


Our vocation of service, the spirit to offer solutions, agility and quality in the response, makes us a reference partner for public administrations, private companies and specialized agencies in the sector, giving their projects a differential value that makes us relevant in the following fields.

Communication and protocol

Integral production of communication actions and institutional protocol: press conferences, shareholders meetings, etc.

Training and information

Organisation of training activities, such as professional congresses, specialised training sessions, coaching sessions, etc.

Institutional events of the administration

We are the company with the most experience in the management of administrative events: international summits, election press centres (at municipal, regional and national level), etc.



By definition, the most direct way to deal with the public, is the exhibition of the articles in situ, without a doubt a form of business inherited from the old merchants who dealt in street markets, and although it has evolved to adapt to our times, the premises they are still the same.

Marketing fair

We are national leaders in design, production and development of projects in fairgrounds, also managing their planning and prior promotion, as well as collaborating in the commercial work that can be done

We offer a wide range of services: ephemeral architecture, management and audiovisual production, graphic production, computer management (web, streaming or online communication), etc.

Trade Marketing

Our own production capacity of elements and structures allows us spaces, their identification with the corporate image and their attractive and accessible conversion for users and / or visitors

Promotional marketing

We create strategies and develop actions that increase the interest for a brand in the target audience and therefore highlights the differences with competitors to influence their choice.


We are pioneers in the production and management of advertising, communication or commercial actions in urban spaces, shopping centers or other non-formal places, generating impact and reaching the target audience


We know how to design and produce attractive points of sale for the consumer combining traditional resources with others of last generation

Graphic production

We believe that the quality of the image increases and improves its impact.

We have resources and systems that allow us to design, produce and assemble any graphic or printing element, and using a wide variety of media:


Design and production of all types of signs: fair, commercial, corporate, advertising, etc.


We make available to our clients, either individually or within a global strategy, the design and production of graphic elements of information and communication (flyers, posters, etc.), able to present or share an attractive image of a brand, its philosophy and products.

Conventional graphics

Our graphic resources, small and large format, applied on any support (canvas, wood, PVC, metal, etc.), help us to set spaces with high quality images, or to transmit advertising or institutional messages that get the attention of the target audience.

Special graphics

The vertical spaces of urban buildings, outdoor billboards and other singular supports have become communication resources. In MARVA Group we have the experience and the tools to meet these needs, both in the commercial field as well as in the commercial field.

Major events

We were born with the ambition to manage great challenges and we have actively participated in some of the most important events both inside and outside our country.


We have managed the organisational needs of the main international summits held in Spain (OECD, OSCE, Summits of Heads of State, etc.), making empty spaces ideal places for negotiation, communication and international relations.


We have produced, set up and even managed the organisation of social, cultural and musical events, converting singular spaces (urban or even of cultural significance) into multifunctional sea (Pope’s visit to Spain, music festivals, theatrical shows, etc).


Our systems and resources have created spaces for VIP guests, press or general public of the most relevant sporting events in our country: Final Four of the European Basketball League , Final of the Champions League at the Bernabeu, Final of the Copa del Rey de Baloncesto, Madrid Tennis Masters, etc.


We share the adventure of helping to organize, in some cases from the beginning, some of the most important gastronomic events: Madrid Fusion, Gourmet Salon, etc.

Advertising and TV

Design of corporate image, production of advertising campaigns in conventional and online media, production and editing of corporate videos, production of television sets, and so on.


We help specialized agencies and direct clients to show messages and images that motivate to consume, know and/or analyze a brand, its products, characteristics, properties or other influential factors.
We offer advertising resources and graphics, audiovisual production or stage designs, to configure visual proposals that “catch” the consumer.

MARVA began its career making cinematographic stage designs; this activity has accompanied it during its trajectory.
We have work teams specialized in the production and assembly of advertising stages, television sets or communication sets, which have been seen in the main national channels.

Civil works

Our work capacity, the professionals that make up the company and the variety of resources with which we work, allow us to tackle other projects outside the fields in which we usually move.

We have accepted the challenge of carrying out the civil works of transformation of some spaces by combining design, planning, decoration and specific resources that have allowed us to carry out some projects of special relevance: Roman Medulas, Belstaff and Gorilla Shops, Sanchidrián Industrial Warehouses (Ávila), etc.

Grupo Marva Grupo Marva Grupo Marva

We are leaders in our own production and management capacity in Spain.


We are the Spanish company with the greatest production and management capacity thanks to the variety of services we make available for each project and the wide network of production centres we have, some of which are benchmarks in the sector.

Space suitability

We humanize spaces

Carpentry - Painting - Glasswork - Locksmithery - Structures

Technical services

We believe in R&D and we have the best professionals.

Engineering - Architecture - Electricity - Lighting -Safety and occupational, risk prevention, as well as Environmental resource plans.

Graphic services

A good quality image is worth more than words.

Graphic design - Small and large format posters - Signs - Vinyl - Printing

Audiovisual production

We show what can make us different

Image production - Corporate videos - Audiovisual production

Audiovisual resources

We know how to stimulate the senses.

Sound - Video - Lighting


We promote good memories for unique moments.

Corporate material - Branding - Company gifts - Design of recurrent elements

Computer science

Virtual space widens our radius of influence

IT resources - Streaming web designs - Online communication

Logistical resources

Our mobility is an added value.

- Small, medium and large tonnage vehicles.
- Cranes and goods handling systems.
- Industrial and personnel transport vans.

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